.Thermal storage works by taking the heat produced by the heat source ,in this image the gas boiler.It stores the heat produced when you dont need it within the thermal store (cylinder) for when you do need it .

Hot water is produced by passing the mains cold water direct from the cold drinking supply across the plate heat exchanger ,this is in turn heated by the water from the thermal store producing mains hot water .All this is very cleverly controled by the main circuit board and thermostatic sensors that give a controlled temperature delivery to meet british standards.

In the above picture the heating is taken from the thermal store so heat up times of radiators is greatly reduced .radiators will be at full temperature in minutes instead of half hour on a conventional system.

The boiler is just like a kettle for the all inteligent thermal store .

The Gledhill thermal store really is your heart and brains of your central heating system and when installed and working correctly really will give a heating and hotwater system second to non.

this applies in principal to all appliances in the gledhill range including boilermate,gulfstream,pulsacoil ,electramate,systemate