Gledhills range of products including pulsacoil,boilermate,gulfstream,systemate and electramate all work on a plate heat exchanger using the stored heat in the thermal store to make hot water from the cold mains across a plate heat exchanger .

optimum flow rates for the plate are around 15 to 18 litres a minute .weve seen some hotwater taps running at 28 litres a minute, by reducing this to around 15 litres a minute you get nearly a third extra volume of hot water from the same quantity of energy in the thermal store.

try turning down the tap on the bath tap to half way and you will see hotter water so you wont have to put as much hotwater in the bath therefore saving energy and gas usage.

the hotwater delivery from the plate first thing in a morning comes through first cold then you get a volume of hot water before it cools down again .try putting the plug in the basin the cold will be heated by the hot giving a warm amount of water in the bowl for bathing instead of wasting the 2 to 3 litres of hot water saving water and energy.

A gas boiler conected to a boilermate or systemate should always be left on full temperature ,if turned down it will not satisfy the boilermate or systemate high shut off temperature therefore causing the thermal store to call for heat constantly,this causes unnecessary firing of the gas boiler and could use anything upto 30% more gas .Also an under performing gas boiler not reaching temperature could cause constant firing to occur giving the same effect.A gas safety checkor service of the boiler could show that the boiler is under acheiving or is running inefficent .an in efficent boiler could add 10% to your anual gas bills .connect heating could service your boiler and by using flue gas analysation tell you how efficent your boiler is .10% of a thousand pound a year gas bill would be £100 saving .