About Us

At Connect heating we understand the need for good service ,we understand the need for heating and hotwater and we understand the concerns over costs when your unit breaks down.

Craig Walton who started connect heating is a former senior engineer of gledhill water storage for 6 years who knows the problems you will encounter with your pulsacoil,boilermate ,systemate,gulfstream,electramate.

he was before joining gledhill a customer care manager for one of yorkshires biggest new housebuilder plumbing contractors so he understands customer service .

That is why we publish our prices up front on our special rates page .That is why you will be offered an appointment straight away when you contact us and on the day of your appointment we wont take your money and make you wait up to 2 weeks .you will be given an hours notice by your engineer so you dont have to sit in all day when you could be still at work or doing other things.We understand that holidays are for more important things than getting the boiler fixed thats why we offer weekend appointments at no extra cost .evenings also available.

The prices you are quoted are the prices you pay,You dont pay more because you are in newcastle compared to yorkshire.

we endevour to leave nobody without heating and hotwater more than 48 hours.

have you ever been left without hotwater on a pulsacoil 2000 or aclass for days to find out you needed to put water in the header tank ,check out our pulsacoil special page .!Also available on systemates.